Opposing Viewpoints

By GALE Databases

Type: Database Subscription

Interest Level: 7th-12th grade +

Teaser: Want to know both sides of every argument? Now you can!

Summary: Opposing Viewpoints is a database that provides articles on any issues covered by politics and the media today. Users will be able to search any topic, get an overview of the topic, get links to articles about that topic from sources on the website or outside sources such as magazines. There are links to statistics or graphs if there are any relating to the topic being researched.

Information about the Database: The “About” section on the Opposing Viewpoints website reads, “Opposing Viewpoints In Context is the premier online resource covering today’s hottest social issues, from capital punishment to immigration, to marijuana. This cross-curricular research tool supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes. Its informed, differing views present each side of an issue and help students develop information literacy, critical thinking skills, and the confidence to draw their own valid conclusions.”

Critical Evaluation: The interface for Opposing Viewpoints is very easy to use. However, I think that the site would function much better if the links to the articles were separated into ‘for’ and ‘against’ categories. Users are able to input notes onto an article as well as highlight. They can save the document for later and share the resource through email or social media. The most important part of this database is that it pulls it’s articles and resources from credible sources that would have the content required for research.

Curriculum Ties: Research, Politics, Government

Booktalk Ideas: N/A

Challenge Issues: Politics

Challenge Resources: Rationale for choosing this book (see “Why Did I Pick This”), Engage students and parents in discussions about intellectual freedom, ALA Library Bill of Rights,Challenge Resources from the American Library Association

Why Did I Pick This: I picked this because I think that teens utilize the library more often when they have a project due. Having this resource is important for teens who do not have access to a computer at home. This database might even inspire some interest in politics and social issues.

Website: http://ic.galegroup.com.libaccess.sjlibrary.org/ic/ovic/?p=OVIC&u=csusj

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